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I love this app but I wish you could play with others or be in a list about how good you are or a mode where you play multiplayer!❤️💕

This game is so much omg 🤩

This game is fun I love it 😍 my new best friend 👍🏼😁


Ads is one thing, we get it, pay your bills and make money. BUT there’s an ad I cant get to go away, it’s on the bottom row of the word search. Every level there’s another add, that starts 3 seconds in to you viewing the board. You view the board and then see a word and BOOM another ad. The game is lame for that and it’s not worth putting up with.

Good game

Thinking game

Fun game

I am enjoying this game.

Word Whizzle

This is a fun game but there should be a way to change the subject. I have been enjoying this game until I got to The Simpsons. I know nothing about the Simpsons and I refuse to use all of my clues to get through this subject. I have stopped playing this game due to this.


Love the game.

Fun and challenging

Fun and different word search game.


I’m hooked!


It’s a good Mind game

Love it

I love this app it is so fun on long plain rides

Pretty good challenge

The graphics are small so it’s a little hard to read, but it’s still fun.


Lots of fun and relaxing.


It’s a fun game to play, so far.


Interesting choices!



Like it A LOT

It's a good game. Don't think it doesn't have any challenge. It doesn't really when you first start, but it definitely gets harder as you go along.


Love this game ! I always get to keep my brain busy.

Easy at first and gently growing in difficulty

Fun challenge to relax with like a crossword puzzle, but the letters are right in front of you. Fun and worth a try.

Game Review

I personally think that this game could use harder levels

About your game

I realy realy like to PLAY THIS. GAME


Fun and makes you think! Highly recommend

New games

Are there new puzzles coming or should I delete the app? Love the game


This game is fun and gets the brain going!



Like it


Love this game!!!

I love this game! By far one of the best word search games!!

Pretty good game!

It's certainly a great game, but... A little too much ads. Overall, though, the game's great! Really organized, well thought out, I haven't experienced any glitches or technical difficulties. But as I already said, a little too much ads. Just limit the ads, maybe an ad every hour, hour and a half, and I will give this app 5 stars. 😊👍


Thought the game might be too easy but I found it very addictive and interesting! I love this game!

Seem OK

Price is right


Best game, addictive,

Love It

This game is awesome, considering I don’t have to buy the news paper to play the games. My vote is with you friend’s Sweet game.

Just Really Fun...

I enjoy playing this game a lot! It’s really fun and doesn’t make your headache because it’s too difficult to play. Give it a chance...but! Be careful because it’s quite addictive (in a good way!) 😊




This app is alright

Best app ever

I love this app there is so much to do when I’m on a road trip I use this app because it doesn’t need wifi also you level up quick plus the great puzzle of the day I couldn’t be happier with the app

Súper fun And cute

Love it

Word Whizzle

Love the game, good stress reliever

Word whizzed game

What the he'll happened to the other word whizzed game? I lost all my hint points. Ruthie SMREKAR


I love this game it’s perfect for a night of relaxing I’ve finished all boards now 3-4 times I’m waiting for more to be put up so if you can please try not to take so long in getting more boards put up thankyou I’ve played a few other games but nothing compares to this one it’s definitely the BEST ! Hurry plz ! LOL This part is a new comment I’ve finished these new boards and I love this game I play it the MOST the only thing that I don’t like about this game is it takes so long for new boards to be put up so if you could try to put them up sooner that would be awesome thankyou ! 3rd review lol still waiting for new boards lol . Hi it’s me again I was wondering when you can put up more levels I’ve been waiting for a long time it seems like months but this is my all time FAVORITE!!! Word Game I’m sorry I go through the levels so fast but could you plz put new ones up soon please Thankyou. I finished these puzzles back in February it is now end of September could you plz put up new boards please I’ve been waiting I’ve been redoing these boards twice now I really don’t want to do them again so please put new ones up thank you

Recent problem

I really like this game but since the last update, there’s an ad banner on the daily puzzle which obscures the bottom line.

Great and fun

I’ve been playing this game for a year and it’s a quick stress reliever.

Good app

Good app


This game gets more challenging as you progress. I thought it was a word search puzzle but you gotta figure out words to find on your own based on the topic. It’s ok if you like being challenged.

Engaging game!

I like this game. It gets more challenging (usually) as you progress. I wonder how many levels there are though. Seems like other raters have completed it and don’t get new levels often enough.


I just did this for the free coins but it’s great and calming

A Great Game

I have just started playing this game, but so far I’m really enjoying it.


Some games are easier than others. But don’t get fooled some of them are really hard to figure out. Either way it’s hard to stop playing this game love it

Good game!

Level 176 - Sports Cars Six letters starting from bottom corner right going to the left are covered by an ad for Itchy Dry Skin Treatment. Impossiible to solve puzzle with this hinderance. Unlike Word Whizzle POP, this one is white tiles with black letters. This is much harder to work with!! Your older players need all the assistance they can get and making the blocks black with white letters would be greatly appreciated.

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