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Really great

Good talk

I love word search because it's three things, one..... FUN, two...... ADDICTING and three..... SEARCHY AWESOME 😎

Just a game I play when I’m bored I like it👍

Just a game I play when I’m bored I like it👍


Very addictive game


fun and addicting game. Love how it challenges your brain

Ridiculous Ads

I play many other games and they all have ads but this games ads are the worst. The game is fun but the ads pop up every single time a level(which consists of you finding one puzzle worth of words) is finished. And each ad is between 15-30 seconds long. It becomes tedious when you’re watching ads more than playing the game


Not a bad way to wind down your brain from a hard day. Nice mind break.

Too many ads!

I get that this is a free game but an ad pops up every other puzzle. Ridiculous. Plus another on top of that to inform me that this nuisance can go away for three dollars. So you make the nuisance intolerable to force people to buy out of ads. Removed game.

Fun game bad business!

I’ve tried to update this app but not successful and tried contacting support with no help or reply from them! Not very good for business!


I love the game, however I am strongly concerning deleting it, as it provokes you to buy the ad free because after each input a 30 second ad pops up!


I love it!! It gives me brain exercise before i go to sleep! And helps me sleep if i cant


Fun, engaging, a nice time filler.


So far seems fun and cool. I can see myself spending some time here !


I love this game it’s perfect for a night of relaxing I’ve finished all boards now 3-4 times I’m waiting for more to be put up so if you can please try not to take so long in getting more boards put up thankyou I’ve played a few other games but nothing compares to this one it’s definitely the BEST ! Hurry plz ! LOL This part is a new comment I’ve finished these new boards and I love this game I play it the MOST the only thing that I don’t like about this game is it takes so long for new boards to be put up so if you could try to put them up sooner that would be awesome thankyou ! 3rd review lol still waiting for new boards lol


When I started playing this game I was in wonder land so yeah!!!!!

Fun game

Love word searches and this one is great


Fun brain game


I mean it’s exactly what it’s advertised to be so I knew what I was getting.

Was fun while it lasted

Enjoyed playing but I ran out of new games. Hit level 1750 and it started over.

Word Wizzle

It is a nice game

Too many ads

Game is fun. Reminds me of word search. The ads are too long. Too many. And nothing that I would purchase. Not worth playing unless you like watching commercials after every round.

Awesome game



It’s a great game and makes your mind think I’m lots of fun and enjoy it all the time!!!❤️😍

I love it

This game is so satisfying. I could play this game all day

Funny 😄

Great fun and I didn't want to quit playing

Good game

I can play this for hours


Nice app!

Good game

So far so good.


Love this as a time passer very adictive


I had it before and played it on a higher level until I got an upgrade iPad. Now it’s playing it all over again from the beginning

So far......such fun!!

Love to play this word game!


This game is very fun. So far I have experienced no ADS.(which is good!).

Do far so good

Seems super easy In The beginning but def getting harder as time progresses. Good escape from everyday stresses

Game Reset

On Saturday I logged in to play the daily puzzle and the game tutorial came up. My progress had been reset to the very beginning. Worse, I lost all my hints. I had over 650, I now have two. I did not delete and reinstall the game so I do not understand why this happened. One thing I do know, I am not at all interested in starting over. There are too many other games out there.

Love this game

I always played this on paper but now I’m hooked on this app.

Finished all levels

So I finished all levels of the game yesterday. This morning I get notified to play the daily game. My game got reset back to zero. Thanks for nothing.




Very educational mind game. Good Brain food.


It really helps you keep your mind active and alert for all ages.


I’m addicted to this game it’s also good for my daughter to play for sight words

Good game

Great way to pass the time.

fun game.

had to bring it back on the iphone


Thank you for the game it great more levels please


A month ago I was charged for hints that I did not buy. This week I got a message twice that my order did not go through I one night. I had not tried to order anything. I deleted the app.


This used to be a very fun game. I played it all of the time. However, the latest updated version has changed so that the print is SO SMALL! I don’t like to play it now, since I have to squint to make out the letters. I haven’t found a way to make the letters larger.


Doing this for free hints🙃

Should be able to skip level

I love this game but it has a level that has the zodiac and since I do not like occult themes I want to skip it. I would probably keep this game for a long long time but since I can’t skip this level, I will just have to get rid of it. So sorry!

It’s great

It’s great

Fun Game!

I love word games and this one does not disappoint! Enjoy!

Awesome game for me and my Grandson.

My Grandson loves this game and so do I so far. It's just a great game!

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