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Easy and fun


Great game!

Good job

This is the best app I ever used

Too Many Ads

I do enjoy this game. The concept behind it is new and fun. What I do not enjoy is solving a level very quickly and after each level having a 30 second long ad that I cannot skip. It really takes the joy out of the game. If this could be fixed, I would definitely rate five stars.


Care to explain why i was just randomly charged by this app when I haven’t opened it in months? Refund needed asap.


Great game! Keeps you thinking.


Like the game

Fun game

Really enjoy this came. Very relaxing

This game is ok

It is ok


Very nice game


Awesome foams with keep me busy while I’m on bed rest


A pop-up ad said I would receive free hints if I watch the video. I watched the video, but I did not get the free hints.


It’s a pretty addictive game


This app is super fun and addictive I love to use it whenever I have time! 5 STARS⭐️

I like it but wow you love your ads

Honestly I just had to delete this game within 24 hours of downloading it because literally every level takes not too much time at all, there’s is way way wayyyyyyy too many ads. I’ve have spent more time one this game just watching ads then playing it. I mean I couldn’t even get a feel for it to see about paying for no ads. Just wasn’t worth it. Many more games like this with wayyyyyyyyy less ads and headaches

So far SO GOOD!!!!!!!

Super addictive game. Love all the levels. Only problem is they’re not that challenging. On the contrary, it’s one of the best word search games I’ve played. Definitely deserves those five stars!!!!!👍👍👍👍😀

Why did you take away the hits

Hey I do not like what you did why would take away the hits 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Awesome Game

This game gives me a chance to play and have fun. It also gives me a chance to use my mind and thoughts outside of daily life and stresses that come with me.

To many ads

So before I used to get free hints every 30 minutes by just watching a 30 second video but now I have to watch a few videos since it only ads 30-40 coins at it time and a hint is 100 coins.. every other time I pass one an ad comes on and also before the update the daily puzzle would give a hint now an ad comes one after I finish it and it doesn’t have and “x” to stop it meaning I have to watch the video to get the hint because I tried getting off the app when the video comes on and it freezes on the video so I have to restart it but it won’t add the hint. :/

Fun fun fun

My daughter loves this game

Why put the new banner ad

Why put the new banner ad across the words on the bottom. You can’t see anything to play the puzzle. I get you are trying to sell but I refuse to play if this is how you push things down people’s throats. I was having fun with your game.

Love this

Love this game


This game is really fun and addictive


Very fun

Fun game and excellent customer support

I really enjoy the game. Some levels are really easy while others are difficult and they are all mixed in so you don’t get bored or frustrated. I was having an issue with my hints and the customer support emailed me back and forth so they got a really good understanding of what the problem was and helped me out.

Mentally stimulating

Not only do I find this fun, I also find it mentally stimulating. I have to stop and think before looking for a word. Keep it up!!


Gives your brain a challenge.

I'm off to see the wizard...

The wonderful Whizzle of words!

More Fun Than Ever!!

"Fun & Addicting For All Ages!!"

It’s good but...

I love this game and it’s very addictive but every the game gets harder they give you a tutorial. It’s quite annoying. Also, I wish they would be make the levels harder.

This game app

I love it

Need more levels

Awesome game.Please add more levels! Thanks!


Best game ever


Bomb game


Fun and challenging. Good to train your brain.

New game

Looks like a great game!

Entertaining Game

Awesome no problems

Cool Game

Jacob schemm

Good game

It's a really good thinking game, I luv it

Great for winding down

This game was the best BEFORE the update. It used To be a great way to relax. Now all the ads you have to watch for free hints are just bothersome

Great Game

Love this game and if I let him he will be able to play soon, I love this game it’s so fun and we had so much fun.

Great Game

Educational and challenging game for kids. There are several levels and games. The games get a little more challenging each step up. I would suggest this game!


Helps think


A very good game

Keeps wanting you to purchase things even after paying 5 dollars for the no ad version!!!

Wow! I enjoyed the game enough to purchase the ad free version (4.99 which also came with coins as that was the cheapest pack I could find) but imagine how ripped off I felt when I won a spin that got me 500 coins only to find that to claim all the coins I had to spend another $4.99 to buy a larger purse or I only got 200 of the coins plus a BUNCH of pop ups telling me to buy the larger purse or lose the other 300 coins. The coins aren’t the point of my review (or loss of them). And I know these games cost money to create. What really frosts my weenie is the fact that I already paid 5 bucks to buy your ad free version and yet I get hit up for MORE money if I want to get to keep things I win while playing the game. Seems a really crappy way to treat customers who already shelled out money to stop the bazillion ads that already popped up constantly.


Not too hard so far

This game is a con

I just finished a game and used up my hints till the word was spelled and it still won't accept the word. I'm going to delete this game. When you fix it...maybe I'll try again.

This is awesome and relieves my stress!

This game is so cool! I’m in love with this game! Whenever I’m stressed, I just take out my phone and play some games that are boring, but this one is so stress relieving! It’s helps me forget all the stressful things that happened.

It’s good

It’s fun but I only play it when I have nothing else to do

It’s a fun game

I feel like there could be better graphics

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